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Get expert physiotherapy in Collingwood at The Physio Hub, where our focus on sports injuries and neuro rehab means going beyond the treatment table for your health and recovery.
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Sports Injuries + Neuro Rehab

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Treatment Table

We extend care beyond the conventional, integrating lifestyle and wellness strategies into your physiotherapy plan.


Our approach is grounded in the latest research, ensuring you receive the most effective physiotherapy treatments available.

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We spend quality time with patients so you get the most out of each session, and measure all efforts to focus on the best possible outcomes.

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We provide specialized, personalized care to support your recovery and improve your well-being, whether you’re a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or just having difficulties with your day to day life.


Holistic approaches to enhance mobility and health. 

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Concussion Management

Strategies for navigating post-concussion symptoms and recovery.

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Sports Injuries

Expert care for swift, safe athletic recovery.

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Neurological Injuries

Restorative therapies for neurological conditions and impairments.

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Amputee Rehabilitation

Comprehensive support for adapting to life post-amputation.

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Welcome to The Physio Hub

The Physio Hub is located in Collingwood, ON, and we are passionate about healthcare and rehab. As physiotherapists, we love working with our clients to get out of pain, manage their conditions, and help them reach their goals.

Our Approach to Physiotherapy

We focus on providing excellent care through evidence-based physiotherapy, and spending our time on effective treatment strategies. We work with you to implement change, and build trusting relationships.

Our Care Model

Our model of care focuses on 1-on-1 physiotherapy treatment sessions, followed by detailed and personalized treatment plans. We continually assess and adapt what is needed to keep you moving forwards, and ultimately reach your goals.

Beyond the Treatment Table

We believe that high quality physiotherapy goes much beyond the treatment table. Our focus is on being active during your recovery, and teaching you what can be done to help yourself, continually improve and prevent further issues as best as possible.

Resource Hub

We strongly believe in educating our clients with honest, clear, up to date, and helpful information.
Jill Blackie
April 19, 2024

All of our visits to the Physio Hub were exceptional. Matt was friendly, professional, calm and kind when dealing with our daughter who had suffered a concussion. He was very thorough and clearly explained each step of the diagnostic process to us as well as what to expect in the weeks that followed (and at any follow up appointments). We could not have been happier with our experience at this clinic! Highly recommend.

Lowe David
April 18, 2024

Corrine is very knowledgeable and prompt. Fixed me up and got me back on the court

noah liberman
April 18, 2024

Corinne was absolutely fantastic! My recovery from my injury was way faster and way smoother than I expected , and she was amazing to work with! She is very thorough including detailed home exercise routines with picture and video descriptions to ensure I was doing them properly. I highly recommend to anyone who needs physiotherapy in collingwood area!

Tyler Pratt
April 3, 2024

I worked with Corinne at the physio hub after a bad shoulder injury that I sustained mountain biking. Corinne was excellent in helping me regain range of motion and strength so that I could get back to riding. I highly recommend her services!

Susan Mei
April 3, 2024

Corrine is extremely knowledgeable as well as kind and considerate of the needs of her clients. She was able to assess my situation and create a rehabilitation strategy that provided realistic and measurable positive results. Corrine's attention to detail and follow up with client is remarkable. I highly recommend The Physio Hub.

Ron Wilson
March 10, 2024

Went to Matt for Titleist Performance Institute assessment to improve my golf. Matt set out a strength and flexibility program that has been very beneficial.

Braden Deane
March 2, 2024

I had to go see Matt after a work related back injury when I was in a lot of pain and his approach to care and the recovery plans he offered were outstanding. There is a great attention to detail, focus on recovery and managing pain, and overall I felt like I was in capable hands and I would trust his advice without question. The office is well equipped and very welcoming. I highly recommend The Physio Hub for anyone who is looking for expert advice and guidance to regain their health and mobility.

I went to The Physio Hub on a recommendation from a friend who has been doing physio there for about a year. I am really happy I made the decision to go there. Corinne worked with me to help me gain and maintain mobility of my shoulder. She was very professional, knowledgeable and kind/thoughtful. Based on my experience and the experience my friend has had there as well, I highly recommend the team at The Physio Hub.

Lianne Parker
February 3, 2024

Corrine was able to get me back to my runs before the snow hit. Very professional and helpful with all my questions. Thanks again Corinne.

Steve Sopinka
January 4, 2024

My experiences at the Physio Hub have always been very positive. The diagnosis, treatment and follow-up are exceptional.

Pam & Rob Schreiber
December 9, 2023

We had an amazing experience with Matt. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. The exercises he gave us have been so helpful and we are now pain free during our activities! Would highly recommend, lucky to have him in Collingwood!

Brittany McCabe
November 21, 2023

The team at Physio Hub is the best! I have been working with Robyn since April 2023 right after I left my neuro rehabilitation hospital. When I met Robyn I was blown away by how knowledgeable, passionate and supportive she is to her clients. When I started with Robyn, I could stand with assistance and now I am able to walk with a cane and have improved full body strength and mobility. I can’t say enough good things and always look forward to my sessions every week. Great work team!

Ryan Hindmarsh
November 17, 2023

Great place to go for all your weekend warrior injury needs. Very friendly and comfortable environment

Adriane Calvert-Morris
November 13, 2023

Corinne was very kind and helpful. I went in for a back injury and she provided a treatment plan that was easy for me to stay consistent with and it helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend The Physio Hub.

Phil Droznika
November 8, 2023

Corinne is both professional and understanding of my problem and was terrific in helping me get better. Would definitely recommend their physio office to help you get mobile. Just great.

Lin Skel
November 7, 2023

I am so grateful that I found the Physio Hub!!! I have gained strength, balance, etc as a result of their expertise!!!

Angela Olver
October 8, 2023

Corinne was a huge help in resolving my knee issues and getting my strength back up! The staff are very knowledgeable & positive, really appreciate their services & would recommend!

Jane Pratt
September 27, 2023

Matt at the Physio Hub is a fantastic physiotherapist! He really worked with me after my bike accident to design a rehab program that was specific to my injuries, manageable for me to do, and that really helped me to make an efficient recovery in the shortest time possible. I will definitely go back to him whenever I need a physio again in the future.

Jessica Gyles
September 25, 2023

Great experience working with Corinne! Very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Dave Fugler
July 13, 2023

Matt was able to get me back on the golf course after 10 months of not playing due to low back pain. I had tried chiro, osteopaths and yoga prior to seeing Matt without significant improvement. His constantly evolving treatment plan had me back on the course in 2 months, I wish he gave golf lessons as well.

Matt had a straightforward plan set out for me after my initial appointment. He was available for questions regarding my treatment plan and worked with me through my initial injury recovery. He then worked with me to elevate my running and achieve new goals previously thought unattainable.

Sandy Gold
May 11, 2023

Matt is without a doubt the best physiotherapist I've ever met! He’s extremely knowledgeable, thorough, positive, patient and motivating. He goes above and beyond for his patients - treating them with the utmost respect, care, empathy and compassion. Thank you Matt for all your help in my recovery – I will forever be grateful!

Matt and Robyn have created a safe welcoming environment during a period of time when you can feel at your worst. You feel the care and effort put into their practise right as you enter the door. I was referred to Matt for a knee injury and feared I might not be able to recover from the injury since I had put off immediate recovery. Matt put my concerns at ease- completed a thorough review and provided a curated set of exercises based on my challenges and mobility. Matt made sure to take the time to understand the injury, my goals and created a program that was easy to follow. I’m so grateful for what him and his wife have created together. Head in for an assessment! I’m already feeling better!!!

April 23, 2023

I have nothing but praise for Matt Sheldon and the Physio Hub in Collingwood. I visited Matt for severe degenerative disc disease in my neck, hoping to gain some more mobility. He carefully and thoroughly assessed my needs and gave me only two exercises to do. For this, I was very grateful. I’ve had experiences in the past where physiotherapists have given me pages of exercise to do. Matt was very focused, and his exercises were efficient and effective. In one week I had almost doubled my mobility. Matt is incredibly professional, very caring and thorough. He makes one feel comfortable quickly because of his lovely personality and I highly recommend him and will return to him if any more needs arise.

Nick Kolozetti
March 11, 2023

From the intake process to the delivery of care, The Physio Hub provided an exemplary client experience. A heartfelt thank you to Robyn for her thoughtful and comprehensive approach to my mother's post-stroke care. As a healthcare professional who's spent over 20 years in direct patient care services, it was clear that my mother was in very capable and caring hands. Thank you!

Lynn Goss
February 17, 2023

The Physio Hub amazing rehab clinic…. I have been seeing Matt for a couple of years now seeing myself walk and not walking a year ago from a car accident I was worried….. Matt has worked with me from planning an exercise program that made me stronger and walking again. Matt is amazing and the team and I do recommend The Physio Hub in Collingwood. Thank you, Lynn G

Lani Warsh
November 28, 2022

Matt is truly excellent!!!! He is super informative, reassuring, and professional. He’s our go-to in Collingwood and always makes us feel better. Highly recommend!

Andrew Simon
November 25, 2022

Matt has been an incredible resource me and I’m so grateful to have him nearby. He’s the first person I contact if I’ve injured myself or if I’m in need of some maintenance or a tune up. He’s helped me immensely with my recovery from lower back surgery, and most recently he treated my knee after a minor accident on an e-bike. Matt is super knowledgeable and he has fantastic bedside manner. You can tell that he genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients and he always manages to put my mind at ease. Thanks for taking such good care of me, Matt! 10/10 would recommend.

Libby Stephenson
November 17, 2022

Matt at Physio Hub was amazing! From the initial assessment to setting a plan for recovery every step of the way his communication was incredible. Always ensuring my understanding and setting goals that were reasonable for success! Thank you for your expertise, knowledge and approachability! Will happily be back if I need physio!

Brenda Young
October 16, 2022

I am grateful to Matt for his knowledge, expertise and professionalism. He clearly explained the exercises and the appropriate progression that would maximize the healing of my injury. Matt answered all my questions and guided me through my program, sending me excellent and appropriate exercises with easy access videos. Thank you for your patience and kindness.

August 29, 2022

Matt is an outstanding physiotherapist. After having been treated by several other physios and athletic therapists for a particular issue Matt quickly and accurately diagnosed the issue and developed an effective treatment plan that led to very positive results . He is not only very knowledgeable but also practical and has a very engaging and reassuring manner. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Gloria Plantt
January 21, 2022

Vanessa is extremely thorough and very kind. She takes the time to listen to what I am experiencing and I would highly recommend her.

Rehan Lakhani
October 20, 2021

Saw Matt the physio for the first time with a new shoulder injury that prevented me from completing workouts effectively, disrupted sleep, and generally caused pain all day. Within 1 visit I’ve been able to sleep well through the night, experience almost no pain throughout the day, and am doing modified workouts pain free. Matt effectively assessed my injury, treated it in office, and provided me with exercises to resolve the injury completely over the course of a few weeks. Great experience, highly recommend The Physio Hub and Matt for musculoskeletal health concerns!

Jay MacKell
June 26, 2021

Matt’s highly professional and personal approach really suited me as it was my first experience with a Physio routine while recovering from double miniscus strain scope on my knee. The initial Zoom style meetings and instruction worked very well. His assessment of my mobility and the state of my injury led to a perfect series of exercises which over time grew incrementally tougher as my knee gained strength. He always took time to check in via text (or call if preferred) to be sure that I was happy with the progress and to answer any questions. In the end comparative testing between both knees found that I had regained almost all my strength and mobility. Very happy with Matt’s results and commitment to service and would highly recommend him.

Suze McCart
January 20, 2021

A few months ago I was in a car accident which required going to Physio to deal with the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I am extremely grateful to Matt for working with me so patiently, educating me constantly on the body and what it requires to truly heal. Matt was amazing at constantly motivating me to take control of my health with exercising and staying focused on feeling better, always reassuring me that it would happen. Matt's knowledge and experience is incredible and the one on one treatment you receive in their clinic is such a bonus, you aren't rushed and are really made to feel like you are a priority. Thank you Matt for your ongoing care and for looking after me so very very well, I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a physiotherapist.

Caleigh Burke
January 14, 2021

Five years ago, I was in a serious MVA. My injuries left me with pain and mobility issues. A few months following the MVA, I found Robyn. The treatment she provided and the genuine care and expertise with which she treated was truly remarkable. Robyn provided incredible treatment that helped in my healing both physically and emotionally. Robyn is the epitome of what a healthcare professional should be; an absolute expert whose devotion to her patients facilitates, promotes, and inspires healing. I can never thank Robyn enough for all she has done for me! She is truly an exceptional healer and person. Thank you, Robyn!

Richard Sanmiya
November 25, 2020

I was fortunate to find Matt Sheldon, after I had Platelet Rich Plasma treatment on a knee. I needed physiotherapy for several weeks. Matt is wonderful. He not only helped me follow a regiment for my knee for 10 weeks but also gave me exercises to fix an annoying shoulder problem that I was having at the same time. When I got a bit discouraged with my knee, trying to find the balance between under exercising and over exercising, he talked me through it and was so encouraging. He is young, and so knowledgeable and never treated me like a senior citizen, which I am lucky enough to be. He and his lovely wife are both physiotherapists and we are so very fortunate to have them in Collingwood. Many of my friends are being treated by Matt and they, too, are thrilled with their results with him Linda Sanmiya

Lisa G
October 26, 2020

About 4 yrs ago, I was in a really bad car accident. When I started physio at one location, I wasn’t happy but when I transferred locations and was paired with Robyn, it was the best experience I could ask for. Robyn was understanding and got me to where I am today. Robyn wasn’t afraid to explore new ideas and I was willing to try anything. I would highly recommend Robyn if you need physio. If I still required physio, I would make the drive to see her where ever she was. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Robyn!

Karent Perez
August 27, 2020

Matt is an Amazing Physiotherapist. I worked with him for several years and I am lucky I found someone so energetic and positive like Him. Matt was extremely knowledgeable about my injuries which were mostly lower body due to Gym injuries. The first time I met Matt I had a hamstring injury and I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to have the same strength on my left leg, but surprisingly Matt helped me getting better within weeks of a lot of hard work and dedication, he encouraged me all the time to get better. Months later, I went back to see him for lower back / Sciatic Pain, and again Matt was super helpful with all the variety of exercises which I still continue doing. I would 100% recommend his services, you will be in the Best Hands for sure!

Dan Wagstaff
August 10, 2020

Matt was my physio in Toronto. He treated me for a range of sports and running-related issues over the course of about three years. Treatment included mobilization, massage, and acupuncture, as well as exercise and stretching regimes. Matt was always on time for our appointments, professional, patient and considerate listening to my concerns, quick to reply to email inquiries between sessions with advice and guidance, and has stayed in touch to monitor my progress since his move to Collingwood. Highly recommended.

August 6, 2020

I am so grateful to have worked with Matt over the last year and a half in person and online through video appointments. Navigating life post injury or during chronic pain can be challenging, and Matt's positive approach and friendly and encouraging nature made the healing and strengthening journey so much easier. Matt is committed to helping his clients achieve their goals and goes above and beyond in ensuring that his holistic approach is serving the needs and wants of each individual client. He goes out of his way to communicate frequently with his clients and is always available to answer questions or offer advice between treatments. During treatments, he balances hands on treatment with exercises and thorough discussion of symptoms and progress/set backs to ensure he is covering all angles in his treatment plan and care. It is evident that he goes out of his way to invest time and energy into researching issues that clients present and staying up to date with the most credible and effective practices in the field. During the acute phase of my injury, which was initially challenging for doctors to diagnose, Matt devoted a great deal of time outside of our treatments to considering all options and helping me navigate the healthcare system. Now that I have regained the ability to resume my daily and recreational activities as a result of his treatment plan and guidance, Matt is still committed to providing me with coaching to help build the functional strength and mobility needed to end up better than before and prevent further issues. I cannot recommend him enough and can assure you that you will be in good hands.

Matt is a phenomenal physiotherapist. He treats all of his patients with the utmost respect and care. He works with you to find a suitable treatment for your issue and listens to your concerns. His knowledge of the human body is extensive and he will explain what you need to do to get better in a way you can understand. Would highly recommend seeing him if you have pain or are looking to improve your health!

Matt Sheldon is an amazing physiotherapist, he is always kind and caring and very helpful. Matt helped me through a multitude of different injuries, including hip problems, torn ligaments, fractured ankle and fractured wrist. Through all of these injuries Matt was the person who helped me see the light at the end of a long tunnel, and he was always available when needed. Matt always has the best interest for his patients and with him I was able to heal from all my injuries.

Mary Murrill
July 24, 2020

Matt was key to my concussion recovery. If you're looking for a great physio therapist, who really cares about his patients, I would highly recommend Matt Sheldon!

Sophia Lemon
May 4, 2020

I met with Matt via video chat. He was able to get a surprising amount of perspective on how I move from just that. Have me me some exercizes and stretches to do at home, and followed up with a detailed email about what I am supposed to be doing and offers video demos online as well. I'm really impressed with his insight and attention to detail and am already seeing improvement in my mobility and pain. Thanks Matt!

After my shoulder injury I hesitantly went to Matt for a treatment thinking what can a physiotherapist do???. Was I ever in for a surprise! Matt not only treated me with compassion and much encouragement but he also explained what was going on, helping to debunk some myths. I have a lot more range in my shoulder and are able to work again, being self employed that is very important. Matt, you care for us, your patients and you fight with us to get the quality of life back and now during the COVIT 19 outbreak you are able to continue treatments via a virtual visit. Thank you for your passion and knowledge. We highly recommend you. Wilhelm from Amp Champ

Jimson Bienenstock
February 5, 2020

Matt looked after my hip and lower back while he lived in Toronto. Tremendous level of care and results. A loss for us in Toronto, but tremendously lucky for those of you living in the Collingwood area.

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