ACL rehab: “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf”

The rehabilitation process post ACL reconstruction has developed over the years and benefitted from advancements in research. Below is a collated summary of the research review ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf’ Noehren B, Snyder-Mackler L (2020)- which addresses the use of Open Kinetic Chain exercises (the big bad wolf) during the early rehab […]

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PEAK Knee osteoarthritis program

PEAK stands for “Physical Exercise and physical Activity for Knee osteoarthritis” and is a program designed by physiotherapists on the basis of research evidence. The program focuses on patient empowerment through education, prescription of strengthening exercise, and a physical activity plan, individualised to the patients needs, with minimal equipment. It is EXCELLENT. Matt has completed

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OA Optimism

Knee Osteoathritis (OA) is something that we discuss a lot in clinic, either directly with people who are seeing us for treatment, or indirectly as an underlying long term condition whilst we are helping them with something else. There is a HUGE amount of misunderstanding and misinformation about OA. A lot of this is because

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