Matt Sheldon

Co-Owner + Registered Physiotherapist

It's all about getting people back to what they love.

My core mission in physiotherapy is to help individuals recover from sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems, enabling them to return to the activities they love. Whether it’s getting back on the pitch for a crucial game or simply cooking without experiencing elbow pain, my satisfaction comes from seeing clients achieve their personal recovery goals. This is at the heart of my practice of physiotherapy in Collingwood.

Qualifications & Certifications

More About Matt

Comprehensive Expertise and Active Rehabilitation

With extensive experience across a variety of conditions, I have enhanced my expertise through further training in manual therapy, exercise physiology, and dry needling techniques. This diverse skill set allows me to tailor treatments to meet the specific needs of each client, providing effective physiotherapy in Collingwood.

Active Recovery Approach

My philosophy on rehabilitation is active and engaging. I encourage clients to take an integral role in their recovery process, involving them in therapeutic exercises and activities that not only aid in recovery but also promote long-term health and injury prevention.

Active Lifestyle

My personal life reflects my professional approach to health. Having been engaged in numerous sports from a young age, primarily football (soccer), I now maintain an active lifestyle through running, gym workouts, and golf. This firsthand experience in sports and fitness enhances my understanding and empathy towards clients’ athletic and health goals.

Family and Community Involvement

Outside the clinic, I share my life with my wife Robyn—who is also my colleague at The Physio Hub—and our two young boys. We enjoy spending time together, especially outdoors, exploring the natural beauty of the Georgian Bay area. From hiking and visiting trails to enjoying local coffee shops and breweries, these experiences enrich my connection with the community and the balance I maintain between personal and professional life