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PEAK Knee osteoarthritis program

PEAK stands for “Physical Exercise and physical Activity for Knee osteoarthritis” and is a program designed by physiotherapists on the basis of research evidence. The program focuses on patient empowerment through education, prescription of strengthening exercise, and a physical activity plan, individualised to the patients needs, with minimal equipment.


Matt has completed the training program and uses the program through in-person and virtual consultations for clients with knee pain related to osteoarthritis.

The program is suitable for those who meet the NICE clinical criteria for osteoarthritis diagnosis:

  • age ≥45 years;
  • activity-related knee joint pain;
  • morning knee stiffness ≤ 30 mins;

Especially those who:

  • report history of knee pain ≥ 3months;
  • report knee pain on most days of the past month;
  • report difficulty walking and climbing stairs;
  • are medically suitable for an exercise program.

The program consists of 5x sessions over 10-12 weeks (can be more or less depending on amount of support and client goals).

It includes:

  • Education
  • Strengthening exercise
  • Physical activity guidance
  • Educational booklets and information sheets
  • Symptom and activity journalling
  • Detailed exercise instruction
  • Ongoing support and accountability

Is it effective?

The full program is part of a current research trial for those with knee osteoarthritis, and so we can not yet produce statistics of its effectiveness. However, the program is based off the current recommendations for management of knee osteoarthritis which has been thoroughly researched. It follows the recommended guidelines of strengthening exercise, physical activity modifications, and education.

The current research study is not questioning the effectiveness of exercise on knee osteoarthritis (that has been done before many times), but instead it is concentrating on whether it is better delivered in-person or if it can be done through virtual consultation.

If you would like further information please contact us and we can discuss the process and how it will benefit you.