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Tame The Beast

Discover 'Tame The Beast'—recommended by The Physio Hub as a premier educational resource for managing chronic pain. Developed by leading pain experts in Australia, this site offers insightful animations, real-life stories, TED Talks, and more to deepen your understanding of persistent pain conditions. Explore these valuable tools to empower your journey through chronic pain.

The ‘Tame The Beast’ website is a great educational tool for people in chronic pain or persistent pain. Pain is extremely complex, especially when it lasts longer than expected. This website is set up by Professor Lorimer Mosley & Dave Moen who are industry leading experts in Pain working out of Australia. The animation on the website is excellent, and really helps to develop an understanding of pain and why it persists.

We also love that there are real life stories to listen to, from real people, who struggle with chronic pain.

There are also links to TedTalks, podcasts, blogs, and lots of excellent other resources to help you explore and understand your chronic pain condition.

Visit Tame The Beast here and let us know what you think.